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Keating & Lyden, LLC has the best Boulder corporate attorney who provides business advice and counsel to corporations, S corporations, sole proprietorship, joint ventures, LLCs, and other businesses in Colorado. We provide general counsel and help in state entity formation, structure, and reorganization. Our Boulder corporate attorney provides advice in employment law services, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), contracts, licenses, leases, and other commercial proceedings. We also help in the preparation, negotiation and review of private placement memorandums for private securities offerings. Our Boulder estate planning attorney helps you create the best estate plan according to your specific needs. From basic estate planning such as wills, trusts and power of attorney to more complex and advanced estate planning, we ensure your loved ones are well protected and provided for. Moreover, we provide expert legal advice to individuals and businesses in all areas of real estate management and operation. If you are looking for a dedicated and trusted attorney in Boulder, CO, contact us to get the best and cost-effective solution for your legal issues.

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